July 05, 2011

Maria del Mar Arjona Should Have Packed Light - Jailed After Attempting To Sneak Husband Out Of Jail In Suitcase

Chetumal, Mexico (The Weekly Vice) - Maria del Mar Arjona, 19, was jailed after she allegedly attempted to sneak her boyfriend out of Mexican prison in a suitcase.

According to Quintana Roo police, Arjona was at the prison for a conjugal visit with her common-law husband, Juan Ramirez Tijerina, when she reportedly tried to sneak him out of the prison in a suit case.

Juan Tijerina is serving a 20-year sentence for an illegal possession conviction in 2007.

Investigators say that as Arjona was leaving, staff noticed that she acted nervous and was struggling to pull a wheeled suit case that appeared suspiciously bulky. When guards checked her bag, they found a naked Tijerina curled up inside.

Arjona was and Tijerina now face charges for attempted escape.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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