July 05, 2011

Kerrie Clayton And Henry Sanders Discovered That Life Truly Is A Beach, But Not Their Beach To Run Around Naked On

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Garden City, South Carolina (The Weekly Vice) - Kerrie Clayton, 20, and Henry Sanders Jr., 24, were arrested Sunday after police saw what appeared to be a naked woman running around on the beach and then moved in for a closer look.

What officers found next likely melted the retinas out of their eyes.

According to Horry County Police, officers were dispatched to the Garden City Pier after witnesses reported a naked woman running around on the beach.

Officers arrived to find Clayton still naked on the beach. They continued to watch as Clayton ran up to Sanders, who then picked her up and appeared to make sexual movements as if the two were engaged in a sexual act.

That bit of eye torture prompted officers to make the trek around to the King Fisher Inn, which allowed them access onto the beach. When officers finally reached the couple, the pair had regressed into a full sexual act in public view of other beach patrons.

Officers stopped the couple and ordered them to get dressed.

Sander's reportedly argued with officers, stating that "people have sex on the beach all the time."

Officers pointed out, however, that the issue was a big deal to witnesses who saw them (and were now suffering from the ill-effects of seeing these two clowns in action).

Clayton was booked into jail on a charge of indecent exposure while Sanders was charged with obscenity.

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