July 20, 2011

Joseph Alfieri - Jailed After Wandering Naked In The Woods With A Gun. Then Things Really Get Strange

Salt Lake City, Utah (The Weekly Vice) - Joseph Alfieri, a 50-year-old Florida man was jailed Sunday after he was allegedly found wandering naked around a campsite, carrying a gun and yelling at the river.

According to police, officers were called after witnesses at the Cobble Rest Campground reported seeing a naked man with a gun.

Investigators say Alfieri was found wandering around the woods completely naked except for a gun holster that was around his waist. Witnesses stated that Alfieri carried a pistol while yelling at river than ran alongside the campgrounds.

At one point Alfieri came into contact with a young girl who was at the campground with her grandparents. When confronted about his lack of attire, Alfieri denied that he was naked.

Park rangers located Alfieri and took him into custody along with two handguns and a large knife.

Alfieri, who resides in Miami, Florida, pleaded not guilty to federal charges of public nudity and causing an annoyance. He was released after posting bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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