July 05, 2011

Jonathan Schwartz To Police: "Hello, I Killed My Mother…. Oh Wait… Scratch That… I Meant To Say She Killed Herself"

Manhattan, New York (The Weekly Vice) - Jonathan Schwartz, a 41-year-old Manhattan man was jailed Saturday after he allegedly called police to announce that he had just killed his mother, then called back moments later to announce that she had committed suicide.

According to Manhattan police, Schwartz dialed 911 and admitted to the operator that he had just stabbed his mother to death. He then called back a second time and recanted his story, stating that she had committed suicide by stabbing herself repeatedly in the neck.

Investigators found 67-year-old Barbara Schwartz dead inside the home she shared with her unemployed son and husband, Burt Fischler. Police say the woman had been stabbed repeatedly in the neck and torso with a kitchen knife.

Relatives stated that Schwartz was spoiled and was always trying to get cash from his wealthy mother. The relationship that Schwartz had with his mother was described as "rocky", due in part to Schwartz' apparent psychological issues.

Barbara Schwartz was the head of Schwartz-Fishler Family Foundation, a not-for-profit philanthropy, voluntarism and grant-making organization. She inherited her wealth from her late father.

Schwartz was booked into jail and charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. He was arraigned on Sunday.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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