July 12, 2011

John Mester - Charged With Having Sex With Horse……Again

St. Johns, Michigan (The Weekly Vice) - John Robert Mester, a 62-year-old Michigan man, has been jailed after he allegedly had sex with his neighbor's horse - a similar crime to the one that got him arrested ten years ago.

According to police, Mester crossed a fence into his neighbor's horse pasture last June, stood atop an overturned bucket and had sex with her thoroughbred mare.

Investigators say the neighbor suspected something was going on with her horses and set up a long-range video surveillance system to monitor her pasture. Around mid-June, the camera captured Mester as he stepped on top of the bucket, flipped up a sheet covering the horse and sowed his wild oats.

Prosecutors have now charged Mester with one count of bestiality.

Mester pleaded no contest in 2001 to charges of having sex with a pony in Olive Township. He was convicted of attempted animal torture and sentenced to 30 days in jail and a year of probation.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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