July 08, 2011

George Corno Was The Florida Version Of White Lightning

Stuart, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - If you were ever wondering what Santa Clause does on other holidays - like the Fourth of July - wonder no more.

George Corno, a 68-year-old Florida man was jailed Monday after he allegedly raced down Southeast Federal Highway on a three-wheeled motorcycle wearing nothing but his undies.

According to the Martin County Sheriffs Office, deputies were dispatched after receiving complaints that a man matching Corno's description was driving recklessly down the the highway in his underwear.

Deputies caught up to Corno on Southwest Salerno Rd and Southeast Federal and noted that he matched the description given to them by witnesses. Deputies paced Corno's motorcycle at 85 miles per hour and noted that the man passed lane markers several times as they followed him down the highway.

When deputies stopped Corno and asked what was going on, Corno reportedly stated that he'd been arguing with his girlfriend and was "bombed out of his mind," according to the arrest report.

When deputies asked why he was in his underwear, Corno reported state that he didn't realize that he was.

Deputies administered a field sobriety test, which Corno reportedly failed. He was booked into jail on a charge of DUI and speeding.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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