July 17, 2011

Choon Sik Lee - Employment Agency Owner Charged With Sexually Assaulting Two Women Looking For Jobs, forcing them to watch porn

Annandale, Virginia (The Weekly Vice) - A 41-year-old Falls Church, Virginia woman likely thought she had hit rock bottom when she became unemployed like many others in this stagnant economy.

She was about to learn, however, that a whole new level of 'rock bottom' was awaiting her at the World Employment Agency in Annandale.

According to police, the woman went to the employment agency July 7th seeking assistance in securing a job. Instead, the agency's owner trapped her in a room, forced her to watch pornography and sexually assaulted her.

Choon Sik Lee, a 72-year-old Virgina man was arrested after he allegedly locked the woman in a room and forced her to watch sexually explicit videos.

Investigators say the Lee sexually assaulted the woman before she escaped by asking Lee if she could use the restroom.

The victim was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital. Meanwhile a second woman has come forward claiming to have had the same experience with Lee.

Lee was arrested and booked into jail on two counts of attempted forcible sodomy.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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