July 12, 2011

Charles Gurin Had A Pool Toy Under His Towel

Parma, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Charles Gurin, a 66-year-old Ohio man was jailed after he allegedly proceeded to masturbate at a community pool, thinking that no one would notice.

According to Parma police, officers were dispatched to Nike Pool in James Day Park after receiving a large number of complaints about a man who was masturbating inside the pool area.

Investigators say Gurin had his pants pulled down and a towel covering his mid-section. Witnesses reported that Gurin's hand was under the towel bobbing up and down in a masturbation-like motion.

Once Gurin realized that people had caught on to what he was doing, he went into a restroom, changed clothes and headed for his car.

Parma detectives tried to talk to Gurin as he entered his car, however he ignored them and drove away. He was stopped a short time later and taken into custody.

Prosecutors say Gurin was charged with a felony because he had been arrested several times before for similar incidents.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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