July 06, 2011

Andrew Castle Sentenced His Estranged Wife To Death By Electric Chair

Poulton-Le-Fylde, UK (The Weekly Vice) - Andrew Castle, a 61-year-old British man, was sentenced to prison after he allegedly built an electric chair for his wife and then beckoned her to sit down for a chat.

According to Preston Court prosecutors, Castle was angry when his wife of 18 years asked him for a divorce.

In retaliation, he reportedly built a home-made electric chair in a bid to try to kill her, rather than languish in the aftermath of a divorce.

Investigators say Castle managed to rig the home's power mains to a metal armchair and then invited his wife Margaret to "sit down and have a chat" about their situation.

Prosecutors alleged in court that Castle planned to conk his wife over the head with a rubber cosh and then throw the switch to his electric chair.

Castle's plan went sideways, however, when Margaret refused to stay seated long enough for Castle to retrieve the rubber cosh and bonk her over the head.

As Margaret rose from the chair, a violent struggle broke out - with Castle attempting to whack his wife with the cosh, as resisted. The wife eventually managed to wriggle free and escape through a side door.

Castle reportedly chased his wife outside, carrying the rubber cosh, until a passer-by intervened and called police.

When police arrived on scene, Mr. Castle had attempted to use the home-made electric chair on himself before using a kitchen knife to slash his wrists.

Margaret was taken to a local hospital where she was treated for minor head injuries. Investigators then took a closer look at Castle's invention.

Police say Castle ran a length of wire from a 13 amp plug to a lamp which was attached to another cable that had one set of wires exposed. When switched on, the electrical current would have completed a circuit through the metal chair, delivering 230 volts of freshly permed hair to Mrs. Castle's head.

At a hearing before Preston Crown Court in May, Castle reportedly pleaded guilty to the charge of attempted murder. He was sentenced to ten years in prison on Tuesday.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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