July 28, 2011

87-Year-Old Mayor Denies Growing Pot. Says Her Plants Would Be Better Than The Scraggly Looking Plants Detectives Found

Oak Hill, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Mary Cook, the 84-year-old mayor of Oak Hill in Volusia County is under investigation after several pot plants were found growing in her yard.

But she denies that the plants are hers, telling police that if she had grown marijuana, her plants would have looked much better than the one's that investigators found.

According to the Oak Hill Police Department, a narcotics agent was sent to Cook's home a few weeks ago on reports that she was growing marijuana on her property. When the agent arrived, he found 10 small pot plants on a table, near a section of her fence that appeared to have been kicked in.

Cook claims that the table had mysteriously been moved there from another part of her yard, without her knowledge. Her 50-year-old son had walked by that section of her 5 acre property just days before and stated that there was no marijuana there.

Investigators say Cook denies any knowledge of the illegal plants in her yard. She stated that she had been a gardener in the past, and if she had planted them, they would have looked much better than the scraggly crop that had been found.

"If I were going to plant marijuana, I wouldn't plant it right up next to my house and I would certainly have a better looking crop," said Cook

Cook believes that she may have been set up, due to her frequent criticism of the Oak Hill Police Department.

Cook is not currently facing any charges for the allegations against her. However, the investigation remains ongoing.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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