June 23, 2011

Woman Using Porta-A-Pottie At Yoga Festival Discovers Pervert Hiding In Catch Tank

Denver, Colorado (The Weekly Vice) - Police are searching for an unidentified man who hid inside the tank of portable toilet and then startled a woman who was attempting to use the facility.

According to Boulder police, a woman attending the Boulder Yoga festival June 17th got an unexpected surprise when she lifted the toilet seat lid and noticed something moving in the tank below.

The woman exited the toilet and asked a man standing nearby to take a look.

The man entered the toilet and reported seeing a person who appeared to be covering himself with a tarp. When the man exited the toilet, he reportedly heard it lock from the inside.

A security supervisor arrived on scene and waited outside the toilet to see if anyone would eventually emerge. A few minutes later, a man with no shoes or shirt exited the toilet, covered in feces.

The security supervisor attempted to detain the suspect, however, he was able successfully flee the scene.

The suspect is described as a tall, white male in his early 20's with black hair. A witness at the scene believed the suspect to be a transient known in the area as "Sky."

Boulder police are continuing to investigate, and ask that anyone with information about the case contact them at 303-222-TIPS.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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