June 27, 2011

Something Old, Something New, Something Dead.... I Love You

Santa Ana, California (The Weekly Vice) - Two inmates incarcerated in Orange County, California are proving that even murder suspects need a little love too.

Marissa Bilottie, 20 and Iftekhar Murtaza, 26, have entered into wedded bliss in a jail house wedding that is rarely seen between inmates who are incarcerated and awaiting possible murder sentences.

Bilottie, the blushing bride, was jailed last October when she allegedly helped a former boyfriend stab and then shoot a man to death because the male accomplice was interested in the victim's girlfriend.

Bilottie and the male suspect, Derek Adams, also robbed the woman just to make sure she knew he was extra smitten with her.

The groom, Iftekhar Murtaza, faces the death penalty after he allegedly abducted his ex-girlfriend's father and sister back in 2007. He is accused of beating them both to death and then setting their bloody bodies on fire.

But who has time for grisly details - love was in the air at the Orange County jail as the happy couple pledged their undying love while wearing general issue prison uniforms.

"We take an oath before God to never part ways, to become one for now and always," vowed the happy couple by telephone. "The courses our lives took gave us the opportunity to see that together is exactly where we should be."

Bilotti now faces 32 years in prison if she's convicted in her case. Murtaza's case has been postponed until next year. His case has been called one of Orange County's most heinous murders of the last few years.

Bilottie and Murtaza met back in January when Bilottie sent Murtaza a letter at the urging of another female inmate. That set in motion a rapid exchange of letters between the pair - up to six per day - until the couple finally got engaged in April.

On a few occasions the couple has been able to get a glimpse of each other from opposite sides of a glass partition, however, physical contact has never been allowed.

Bilottie's attorney, Dick Herman, won a court order last month allowing the couple to get married on Bilottie's birthday, June 10. Jail officials objected to the arrangement, which postponed the wedding until Monday.

The couple took their vows in the visiting room of the Santa Ana jail, separated by a chain-linked fence. The couple did not touch or kiss - and likely will never make physical contact if Murtaza is convicted in his case.

"They love each other very much," said jail pastor Cindy Richardson. "They wanted to get married and they should be able to do so. They are both really sweet people.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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