June 13, 2011

Sandra Hadsock - Rockem' Sockem' Teacher Won't Face Criminal Charges After Classroom Brawl With Student

Brooksville, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Sandra Hadsock, a 64-year-old Central High School teacher who was arrested last month after popping a mouthy student in the melon during a classroom altercation will no longer face charges, prosecutors say.

According to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office, Hadsock was charged with child abuse May 11 after she took a few swings at a 14-year-old student who had allegedly cornered the teacher while calling her vulgar names.

Luckily for Hadsock, a student in class captured the altercation on a camera phone, which was then examined by detectives.

Hadsock placed on a leave of absence during the course of the investigation.

After gathering witness statements and examining the video, prosecutors have determined that they will not pursue criminal charges against the teacher. Prosecutors reached that conclusion after determining that the teacher's claims that she acted in self defense could not be ruled out.

Students who witnessed the altercation told investigators that the student used vulgarity with the teacher and made first contact in the physical confrontation that followed.

Hadsock, who has been with the district for 22 years and was voted Tampas 2010 teacher of the year has expressed that she would like her job back.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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