June 06, 2011

Ryan Stephenson - Jailed After Raping Toddler So Severely, She Required Reconstructive Surgery

Ryan Stephenson MySpace Profile

Oak Harbor, Washington (The Weekly Vice) - Ryan Stephenson, a 26-year-old Washington man was jailed after he allegedly raped a toddler girl so severely, she had to undergo reconstructive surgery.

According to police, Stephenson was babysitting his 5-year-old son and his ex-girlfriend's 20-month-old daughter when he brutally raped the toddler girl.

During the alleged rape, the girl's vagina was mutilated to a point where reconstructive surgery was required to minimize the damage.

An investigation was launched on May 27 when the little girl arrived at Whidbey General Hospital with large tears and significant bleeding in the vaginal area.

A doctor from Seattle Children's Hospital, who specializes in treating the victims of sexual assault, called the girl's injuries "the worst trauma (she) has see in 20 years of practicing medicine."

A source tells The Weekly Vice that the child suffered complete tearing through the vaginal and rectal walls - similar to a 4th degree episiotomy (skin, soft tissue and muscle tearing).

During questioning, Stephenson reportedly admitted that he probably caused the child's injuries but denied raping her. He stated that the injuries were caused when he became angry and retaliated by beating the toddler's vagina and bottom with a closed fist.

The doctor who examined the child, however, told detectives that the injuries were a result of penetration, not from being struck.

Detectives say Stephenson had been previously convicted of harassment after sending threatening messages to the child's father. He signed the letters "Lord Sparta" which is a name also referenced on his MySpace profile.

He was also previously convicted after violating a restraining order that barred him from contacting his ex-girlfriend, the victim's mother.

Stephenson was charged Wednesday with first-degree rape of a child. Prosecutors say more charges may be pending in the case.

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The Weekly Vice

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