June 29, 2011

Ryan Sheppard - Charged With Raping Baby So Severely, Child Now Wears A Colostomy Bag

Frederick, Maryland (The Weekly Vice) - Ryan Sheppard, a 19-year-old Maryland man was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly raped a baby boy so severely, the child will require multiple surgeries to repair the damage.

According to police, Sheppard sexually assaulted a 1-year-old boy while he was supposed to be babysitting the child.

After committing the sexual assault, Sheppard reportedly called the child's parents and told them that the boy was bleeding and having trouble breathing.

Investigators say the baby's parents arrived a short time later to find the child's lips had turned blue.

The child was taken to the National Children's Medical Center in Washington D.C. where the child underwent surgery for a torn colon. Doctors also performed a colostomy on the child - a procedure that allows waste to pass through an opening in the abdomen into a bag that is worn by the patient.

Sheppard reportedly admitted to detectives that he sexually abused the child. Detectives also say Sheppard admitted to downloading child pornography, however, he has not been charged with a child pornography offense.

Sheppard was booked into jail on charges of first-degree sexual offense and first-degree sexual assault. Bail has been denied in the case.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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