June 01, 2011

Nicholas Williams - Jailed After Beating Toddler To Death For Eating Her Own Feces

Austin Texas (The Weekly Vice) - Nicholas Williams, a 22-year-old Texas man was jailed Friday after he allegedly spanked his 2-year-old daughter to death for eating feces.

According to Austin police, officers were dispatched last Monday when a woman called 911 to report that a little girl wasn't breathing and had possibly suffered a seizure. When police arrived, they found Williams holding the unresponsive girl.

The little girl, identified as Alaney Williams, was taken to Dell Children's Medical center where efforts to revive her failed. She was pronounced dead a short time later.

During questioning, Williams told investigators that he "lightly spanked" Alaney after he found her eating her own feces. He stated that he noticed that her lips had turned purple, but thought it was be "she knew she would be in trouble" and began to cry.

During a second police interview, Williams changed his story. He stated that he was changing Alaney's diaper when he set the diaper down and left the room. Upon his return, he found that Alaney had gotten into the diaper and began eating her feces. As punishment, he spanked her 10 times with a leather belt and then put her down for a nap. Then next time he checked on her, he noticed blood and vomit on the bed and saw that she wasn't breathing.

Police interviewed William's girlfriend who stated that she did not see Williams spanking the child, but heard him yell before delivering four to six smacks. She then heard Williams yell that the little girl's lips were turning purple.

When the girlfriend entered the bathroom, she was "alarmed" at Alaney's condition and noticed the child grasping for breath. The woman said that she splashed water on Alaney's face to revive her and then put her down for a nap. An hour later Alaney Williams was found unresponsive.

An autopsy was performed on Tuesday which revealed a laceration on the back of the child's head and numerous bruises covering the child's face, back, chest, arms and buttocks. The child also suffered extensive soft tissue damage, blunt force trauma and hemorrhaging to various parts of her body - especially in the areas of the child's head and buttocks.

Williams was booked into jail on a charge of first-degree injury to a child. His bail was set at $40,000.

The Weekly Vice Opinion

This case leaves me absolutely speechless. How on earth could police or the prosecutors involved with this case accept anything less than a murder charge? If they can't hack a murder charge, how about aggravated manslaughter? This isn't a case of an injured child. It's a case of a dead child! Unbelievable!

Rest in peace Alaney Williams... You are in a far better place now.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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