June 14, 2011

Melissa McMillen - Jailed After Delivering Live Baby Into Toilet, Leaving It To Drown While Taking Shower

Tacoma, Wash (The Weekly Vice) - Melissa Cathryn McMillen, a 20-year-old Washington woman pleaded not guilty Friday after she was arrested for allegedly delivering a live child into a toilet and leaving it to die while she took a shower.

According to police, McMillen delivered a live baby into a toilet inside her family's home last Saturday before opting to take a shower - leaving the child to drown to death over a 90-minute period.

McMillen then reportedly packed the baby into a book bag and hid it in her family's basement for the next few days.

An investigation was launched Tuesday when McMillen's boyfriend learned about the baby and called 911.

McMillen told investigators that she thought the baby was stillborn because she had delivered the infant on a toilet and didn't see it moving.

Pierce County Medical examiners, however, determined that the child was born alive after a full-term pregnancy. Examiners listed the child's cause of death to be drowning and hypothermia. The manner of death was classified as a homicide.

Investigators say McMillen concealed the pregnancy. Although friends suspected she was pregnant because of her changing appearance, McMillen reportedly told them that she wasn't.

She was booked into jail on a charge of second-degree murder. Her bail has been set at $1 Million and a trial has been scheduled for August.

Investigators say the baby still hasn't been given a name.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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