June 28, 2011

Leana Lauck, Jennifer Chapman - Jailed After Toddler Was Raped And Tortured In Exchange For Meth

Oklahoma City, OK (The Weekly Vice) - Leana Lauck, 31, and Jennifer Chapman, 43, have been arrested after police say the pair obtained meth by offering Lauck's toddler son to two men, who proceeded to rape and torture the boy.

And the story goes downhill from there.

According to Oklahoma City Police, an investigation was launched Wednesday when Lauck's son arrived at Children's Hospital with a serious head injury, multiple bruises, chemical burns to his face and a torn rectum indicating sexual abuse.

A family member stated that part of the boy's scalp was missing and his face, eyes and throat were covered with chemical burns. At some point the little boy had also been forced to drink bleach and was hanged from a ceiling with a dog collar.

Investigators say Jennifer Chapman was supposed to be babysitting the toddler when she allegedly offered the boy to two men for sex in exchange for methamphetamine.

The two men reportedly raped and tortured the boy before returning him to Chapman.

When Leana Lauck picked the boy up and saw his injuries, she allegedly decided against taking the him to a hospital, but instead smoked meth at the same motel. The boy reportedly suffered for 18 hours before Lauck finally took him to a hospital the next day.

The Weekly Vice Opinion

Outside of generic neglect charges, I have been unable to obtain more information about what exactly these two women are being charged with. When I called the sheriff's office, I was told that Chapman was not currently in custody and Lauck was being held on $10,000 bail.

For God's sake I certainly hope I was misinformed.

The two men who reportedly did this have not been identified or arrested.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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