June 23, 2011

Heather Jackson - Teacher - Charged With Soliciting Student, Threatened To Sue Him After He Turned Her Down

Fort Worth, TX (The Weekly Vice) - Heather Jackson, a 37-year-old English teacher at Boswell High School in Texas was arrested after she allegedly pursued a student and then threatened to sue him if he didn't delete the steamy messages that she had sent him.

According to police, an investigation was launched after a student went to school administrators and told them that Jackson had engaged in improper conduct with another student at the school.

When school administrators talked to the victim, he confirmed that Jackson had repeatedly messaged him on Facebook.

The student said that he and Jackson had exchanged a few messages when she began asking him for ways she could communicate with him more frequently. The student agreed to give her his cell phone number, and the two began text messaging back and forth.

Police say Jackson's messages to the student started out platonic in nature, but turned more and more sexual as time went on.

On one occasion, Jackson asked the student to go to a movie with her on Mother's Day, however he declined the invitation.

On another occasion Jackson asked the student if he knew why she had seated him in the front row of her class.

"Jackson stated that she sat him there so she could excite him when she bent over in front of him," stated the arrest affidavit.

The boy reportedly told Jackson that he felt "weird" because she was his teacher and suggested that they should wait until the school year was over before talking. Jackson reportedly waited a few days and then messaged back: "I know u want to wait until summer, but I don't."

"U r so sexy," she reportedly texted the student after suggesting that the two could devise code words to make communication easier.

That apparently was the student's final straw, according to police. The student messaged Jackson back and asked her to stop sending messages to him.

That's when Jackson called the student into her classroom and reportedly showed him a typed letter that appeared to be from an attorney. The letter allegedly threatened to sue the student for slander if he did not delete all of her messages to him on his cell phone and Facebook.

The student told police that he deleted the messages as she watched. Once they had all been deleted, she tore up the letter and threw it into the trash. The hard copy of that letter was later recovered from Jackson's computer.

Jackson was booked into jail on a charge of improper relationship between teacher and student. Jackson may also face an additional charge of resisting arrest.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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