June 13, 2011

Eric Carrier Had A Strong Urge For A Diaper Change

Eric Carrier MySpace

Hooksett, New Hampshire (The Weekly Vice) - Eric Carrier, a 23-year-old Hooksett man was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly lied to a nurse, claiming he had a brain injury, so she would change his adult diaper.

According to Hooksett Police, a nurse answered a Craigslist advertisement stating that a father needed a caregiver for his son, who suffered from a severe brain injury after being in a car accident.

When the nurse arrived at Carrier's home for an assessment, a seemingly disabled man (later identified as Eric Carrier) was there alone. The "father" who purportedly posted the ad was no where to be found.

Investigators say the nurse introduced herself and continued with the interview - but had reservations as to whether Carrier really needed her services. When the man stated that he needed his adult diaper changed, she agreed to do it because she didn't want to leave him with a soiled diaper - fearing that it would leave a bad impression. She was alarmed when Carrier exposed himself during the diaper change.

When the nurse didn't receive a call back for follow-up care, she became suspicious and called police. Investigators determined that Carrier was not disabled and had not been in a car accident.

Carrier was booked into jail and charged with indecent exposure. He is due to appear in court in about three weeks.

If this story sounds a little familiar to you - well, there's a good reason for that. In August of 2009, a woman filed a complaint in Melbourne, Florida stating that she had been duped into changing an adult male's diaper. That story began the same way - with a man posting an ad on Craigslist claiming that he needed a nurse who could help change his diaper.

In December, 2010, Mark Anthony Richardson Jr. pulled the same stunt - searching for babysitters on Craigslist who would change his diaper.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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