June 07, 2011

Cornelius Shaw Created A Whole Definition For The Term "Fire Drill"

Burnsville Minnesota (The Weekly Vice) - Cornelius Shaw, a 44-year-old Minnesota man was jailed after he allegedly clobbered his step daughter and her boyfriend with a fire poker after finding them in bed together.

According to police, Shaw became enraged when he entered his step-daughter's bedroom to wake her for school and discovered an 18-year old boy in her bed.

In retaliation, Shaw left the room, and returned with a fire poker. He then proceeded to clobber the boy with the fire poker as he scurried about the room grabbing what clothes he could.

Investigators say Shaw admitted to beating the boy and his step-daughter with the poker after the boy pushed him down.

"I shouldn't have hit my daughter," said Shaw. "But if it happened again, I would probably beat her ass again."

Police say the girl sustained injuries to her wrist, knee, finger and arm. The boyfriend reportedly went to the hospital for his injuries, which prompted a call to police.

The boy told police that he snuck into the house through a sliding glass door around 1 a.m. as he had done many times before.

Shaw was booked into jail on charges of malicious punishment of a child. Since the age of consent in Minnesota is 16, the teen boy will not be charged.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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