June 19, 2011

Christine Corbitt Terrorized St. Petersburg - Woman Goes On Rampage After Drinking Box Chardonnay

Christine Corbitt Jail Report

St. Petersbug, Florida (The Weekly Vice) Christine Corbitt, a 37-year-old Florida woman was jailed Wednesday after she allegedly got drunk on box Chardonnay and proceeded to raise hell all over town.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriffs Office, Corbitt's rampage began when she became intoxicated before loading three young girls into her minivan for a little drive to the St. Petersburg Pier.

Along for the ride were Corbitt's two daughters (ages 12 and 5) and an 11-year-old friend of theirs, according to police.

The fun began when Corbitt arrived at The Pier with the girls and immediately bought two bottles of Mike's Hard Lemonade and a pack of smokes. The box wine she had guzzled down earlier required a bathroom break. She reportedly took care of that need by urinated off the side of The Pier.

After the visit was over, the four piled back into the minivan and drove away. At some point during the drive, Corbitt became angry with the children, stopped the van and struck the 11-year-old girl.

Corbitt nearly struck a man with her vehicle as she was directing her anger towards the children in the van.

Several witnesses reported seeing Corbitt's minivan bouncing off of the curb as she attempted to park the vehicle.

When the children bailed out of the vehicle and ran, Corbitt attempted to chase them down until two men saw what was happening and stepped in-between her and the children.

That's when Corbitt reportedly removed her top and asked the men if they wanted to have sex with her, according to police.

Police arrived a short time later and quickly discerned that Corbitt was in dire need of a set of handcuffs. As they took her into custody, she yelled and screamed at the kids.

"Look what you did to me you little shits," she reportedly yelled.

Corbitt then allegedly fought an officer who tried to place her into a patrol car - kicking him in the leg and then the stomach.

She was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on three counts of child abuse, disorderly intoxication, DUI, and battery of a law enforcement officer. She currently remains jailed on $40,850 bond.

Corbitt's was also arrested in 2007 on two counts of cocaine possession and burglary.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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