June 29, 2011

Alan Walker Dropped In To Make A Deposit - Jailed After Store Clerk Discovers Him Half Naked With Bank Bag On Penis

Spartanburg, S.C. (The Weekly Vice) - Alan Walker, a 47-year-old South Carolina man was jailed Sunday after a convenience store clerk allegedly found him inside the store's office with his pants down and a bank deposit bag hanging from his penis.

According to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office, clerks at a Hot Spot convenience store watched as a man entered the store with an ice cream in his hand and appeared to head towards the store's restroom area.

About 15 minutes later a clerk headed for the store's office, which is located in the back of the building near the store's restrooms.

The clerk told deputies she had almost reached the office when Walker emerged from the office with his pants down and a bank deposit bag hanging from his penis.

At first, the clerk assumed that the man had just taken a wrong turn - so she pointed him in the direction of the men's restroom.

A few moments later she realized that the bank deposit bag came from the store's office - and a fierce argument broke out between the Walker and the clerk.

Investigators say Walker then stormed out of the store, removing the bank bag from his penis and then handing it to another clerk as he exited the store. Deputies arrived a short time later and found Walker inside his truck as it was still parked near the store.

Deputies searched the truck and recovered a glass pipe, rock cocaine, and a .25 caliber handgun. Deputies also found $4,200 on Walker - part of which was hidden in his shoe.

Walker was booked into the Spartanburg County Jail on charges of indecent exposure, grand larceny, unlawfully possessing a handgun and possession with intent to distribute. His bond has been set at $20,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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