May 22, 2011

William Velasco - Charged With Hiding Spycam In Starbuck's Restroom, Stealing Woman's Used Underwear

Glendora, California (The Weekly Vice) - William Velasco, a 25-year-old California man was jailed after he allegedly admitted to using a spy cam to record dozens of woman using a Starbucks restroom - and also stalking a woman and then stealing her worn underwear.

According to Glendora Police, Velasco was jailed earlier this month after he planted a video camera in a Starbucks restroom and then recorded images of 45 women and children.

Investigators say Velasco also told them that he recently stalked a 21-year-old college student, broke into her residence and made off with an undisclosed number of used underwear.

When officers searched Velasco's home, they found several pairs of underwear that belonged to the woman. Velasco allegedly stored the woman's underwear in sealed plastic baggies.

Police say Velasco has not yet been criminally charged and is currently freed on bail.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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