May 11, 2011

Stacey And Terry Begay Took "Dysfunctional Home" To A Whole New Level

Tahlequah, OK (The Weekly Vice) - Stacey Begay, 46, and his wife Terry Begay, 45, were jailed after Terry walked in to find her husband having sex with their teen daughter and retaliated by firing a gun.

The couple appeared in court Tuesday to answer charges for the incident, but were arrested late last month.

According to the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, a deputy was dispatched after receiving a report of a domestic disturbance at the couple's home. When deputies arrived at the home, Terry Begay answered the door and stated that there were no problems at the residence. Stacey Begay then came to the door and stated that he wife shot at him with a pistol.

The deputy entered the home and found the couple's 16-year-old daughter who appeared visibly shaken.

After more deputies arrived on the scene, investigators interviewed all three of them discovered what had transpired before their arrival.

Investigators say Terry Begay arrived home and went to her daughter's bedroom after hearing laughter from it. When she opened the door, she found her daughter in bed wearing nothing but a t-shirt and her husband hiding behind the door.

Terry Begay then grabbed a pistol and fired four shots, but didn't strike her daughter or husband, according to deputies.

During questioning, Stacey Begay reportedly admitted that he had been engaged in a sexual relationship since December, 2010. It was also determined that the couple adopted the teen about four years prior.

Terry Begay was booked into jail on charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, while Stacey Begay was charged with sexual child abuse.

The District Attorney's office later declined to press charges against Terry Begay.

"There is no indication she intended to shoot them, she shot to stop them," stated Asst. District Attorney, Jack Thorp. "it's my understanding there were no injuries, and basically, it would make her a defendant in a case where she is expected to be a witness."

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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