May 26, 2011

Sharlee Morton - Jailed After Son Used Her Vagina To Support Ongoing Drug Business Inside Prison

Ione, California (The Weekly Vice) - Sharlee Morton, a 41-year-old California woman was jailed after she allegedly smuggled marijuana to her incarcerated son by hiding the drugs in her vagina.

According to police, investigators discovered late last month that Morton had been smuggling marijuana into jail for a period of about one year.

Investigators say Morton folded the drug into paper bindles which where then stored inside her vagina. Her son then sold the drug to other inmates inside the prison.

Morton's son, 20-year-old Gregory Wright, is a former Las Plumas High School student who was sentenced to 22 years in prison for holding his classmates hostage with a gun. He also conspired to kill a romantic rival.

During Morton's last visit to prison, a warrant was obtained to perform a body cavity search. Deputies confiscated 18 bindles of marijuana - all of which were hidden inside her vagina. A search of her vehicle also netted detectives methamphetamine and hydrocodone.

A large marijuana grow operation was also uncovered recently on a property owned by Morton.

When investigators questioned Wright about his marijuana sales, he told deputies that he made more in one month from inside prison than the deputies would make in two paychecks. He also told them that his mother had transported the drug into prison the same way for the past 11 months.

Morton was arraigned Tuesday - however a summary of the charges have yet to be published. The arrest did, however, violate her probation - which stemmed from a felony DUI charge. Both Morton are Wright are due to appear in court for drug smuggling charges on June 13th.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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