May 25, 2011

Shandi Reed Keeps Digging Herself Into Deeper Holes - Charged With Performing Sex Act On Underage Boy Against His Will

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Winchester, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) - Shandi Rae Reed, a 20-year-old Indiana woman was jailed after she allegedly overpowered an underage boy and performed a sex act on him against his will.

"He tried to push Shandi away, but she was much bigger than him and he could not move her," stated the arrest report.

According to police, Reed took three young boys to her home Sunday, May 15, after offering to give them a ride on her scooter.

Reed and the 15-year-old victim rode the scooter into the small town of Deerfield, turned around and traveled back to her home. After returning to the home, Reed allegedly climbed on top of the boy and engaged in a sex act as he struggled to push her off.

When the other two boys returned to the house, Reed reportedly bragged about performing the sex act. After the boy left Reed's residence, he was examined at a local hospital.

When deputies questioned Reed the next day, she denied the charge and threatened to "go after" the person who accused her of the act. The next day, however, Reed changed her story and admitted to the sex act, but claimed that she thought the boy was 18.

Reed was arrested last Sunday after deputies found her at a park cursing at another park visitor. That visitor told investigators that Reed had threatened to break an 8-year-old boy's hand during their dispute.

As deputies took Reed into custody, she allegedly threatened to sue them.

Reed was booked into the Randolph County Jail on charges of disorderly conduct, criminal deviate conduct and sexual misconduct with a minor.

Prior to the incident, Reed was already facing charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and battery.

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The Weekly Vice

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