May 13, 2011

Samantha Armstrong Went On A Teen Boy Safari

South London, UK (The Weekly Vice) - Samantha Armstrong, a 21-year-old Gravesend, Kent woman was jailed after she allegedly had sex with five underage boys in full view of a passing train.

According to Greenwhich Magistrates Court Prosecutors, Armstrong approached a group of teenage boys (ages 15 and 16) and asked them if they wanted to have sex with her. When the boys answered yes, she led them behind a building near a set of railroad tracks in Abbey Wood.

She then took turns having sex with each boy in full view of a passing train loaded with passengers. Passengers used their cell phones to contact police, who interrupted the woman's exploit a short time later. Two of the boys fled the scene, but three others were questioned and released.

Investigators say Armstrong had been smoking prior to having sex with the boys. A physiologist stated that she believed Armstrong was not mentally ill, but had issues identifying appropriate behavior.

Armstrong was booked into jail on charges of outraging public decency and possessing cannabis resin. She will be sentenced on May 18th and will likely receive a community penalty.

A source stated that the boys described the incident as "Christmas and Easter all at once."

Note the tooth fairy was nowhere to be found.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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