May 25, 2011

Rodney Tollefson - Charged With Raping Relative For 15 Years, Using Screwdrivers And Bottles During Attacks

Jackson County, Wis. (The Weekly Vice) - Rodney Tollefson, a 40-year-old Wisconsin man, has been jailed on charges that he sexually assaulted a female relative over a 15-year period - sometimes using bottles and screwdrivers during his attacks.

According Wisconsin authorities, an investigation was launched in mid April when a woman mentoring the victim told Sheboygan County deputies of the horrific ordeal her friend had lived through.

Three days later, the victim agreed to tell her story, and now that investigation has reached into four different counties where dozens of rapes allegedly took place.

"The law enforcement personnel that are involved with this case, no matter what their tenure is, believe this to be the most severe case any of them have ever seen," said Dave Adams of the Sheboygan County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say Tollefson began touching the girl sexually when she was just four years old. When the girl turned eight, Tollefson allegedly began raping her - sometimes using bottles and screwdrivers to assault her with.

Tollefson allegedly threatened the girl with physical harm if she dared tell anyone about the abuse. He often tied her down and either beat or mutilated her body if she resisted the attacks.

Last year, Tollefson and his 22-year-old nephew, Phillip Ronning, allegedly drove the woman to a secluded location in Jackson county where the two men took turns beating and raping the girl.

Detectives in Manitowoc County say Tollefson raped the woman and forced her to perform sex acts on him last Christmas. He also allegedly raped the girl earlier that day after renting a room in Sheboygan.

Tollefson is now charged with 22 felony counts of sexual assault, a net result of dozens of instances of sexual abuse that occurred in Jackson and Manitowoc counties.

Sheboygan County, where the 19-year-old girl currently lives, is still investigating rape charges in it's county, while authorities in Trempealeau County are investigating possible incidences of sexual abuse in theirs.

Tollefson is due to make his first court appearance in Jackson County on Friday. He will then be transferred to Manitowoc County where he is scheduled to appear on Monday.

Tollefson was arrested on May 5th and booked into the Jackson County Jail where he continues to be held on a $500,000 cash bond.

If convicted of all 22 felonies, he faces up to 600 years in prison.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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