May 05, 2011

Photographs From U.S. Raid On Osama Bin Laden Compound - Fact And Fiction - (Graphic Content)

(The Weekly Vice) - Perhaps the biggest news story at the moment is the issue of releasing the image of Osama Bin Laden after he was shot dead by U.S. Navy Seals during the raid on the Osama Bin Laden compound in Pakistan.

Intelligence officials first stated that the Osama Bin Laden kill photo would be released. President Obama, however, followed up a day later with the announcement that the photographs would not be released.

Now, several photographs claiming to show a terminated Osama Bin Laden have gone viral on the Internet - and many of those images lead to a virus, thanks to hackers who are using the issue as an opportunity to corrupt your hard drive.

So what is fact and fiction? What photos are real and which photos are fake?

Which U.S. Senator went on camera to claim he had seen the Osama Bin Laden kill photo, only to find out later he had been fooled as well?

I'm going to attempt to clarify this issue - since it's clearly one of the top issues at the moment and I have yet to see a single article that really clarifies the topic.

We spent most of the day yesterday getting to the bottom of the issue, since there's quite a bit of confusion about the topic.

Because of the sensitivity of the issue, and the graphic nature of the images, we're not going to splash it on our front page.

I've backdated the article so it can only be reached by those who wish to view the content.

Before anyone clicks the following link, be forewarned - you will be taken to an article that is accompanied by some very graphic imagery.


Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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