May 30, 2011

Lincoln High School Wrestlers Charged After Smacking Freshman With Their Penises

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Wisconsin Rapids, WI (The Weekly Vice) - Four Lincoln High School wrestling team members have been charged after they allegedly assaulted a 15-year-old freshman wrestler by smacking him with their penises.

According to Wood County prosecutors, an investigation was launched after the mother of a 15-year-old wrestler told authorities that her son had been sexually harassed by four older members of the wrestling team who danced naked around the victim and then struck him with their penises.

Investigators say the boy stated that he was harassed about five or ten times during the season. When detectives interviewed other ninth-grade wrestling team members about they conduct, the boys reportedly confirmed the victim's statements.

The suspects reportedly danced naked around the victim while "swinging their penises at him," according to the arrest report. The boys would then strike the victim in the leg with their penises and hold their genitals close to his face.

On one occasion, according to the arrest report, the victim was forced to climb into a locker to prevent being hit in the face by the penis of another wrestler.

Detectives say the victim's mother first learned of the allegations when her son didn't want to go to the wrestling team's annual banquet. When the mother pressed her son for a reason why, the boy admitted to the harassment he'd allegedly been receiving.

Zachary Benitz, 18, Kasey Einerson, 17, Rylan Lubeck, 17, and Devin Peterson, 17, were all charged with disorderly conduct.

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