May 10, 2011

Kara Mitchell Became The "Dancing Scream" - Jailed After Stripping Naked, Dancing At Cemetery In Front Of Mourners

Mesa, Arizona (The Weekly Vice) - Kara Mitchell, a 22-year-old Arizona woman was jailed Friday after she allegedly stripped bare naked and danced in a cemetery while other visitors attempted to pay respects to the deceased.

According to Mesa Police, visitors at Mesa Cemetery were paying their respects to deceased friends or relatives when Mitchell removed her top and began dancing around the cemetery.

Witnesses told investigators that Mitchell then dropped her pants and continued her dance, twirling in front of several groups of people who were visiting the cemetery to either purchase a grave plot or pay respects to the deceased.

After several minutes of dancing, Mitchell reportedly put her clothes back on, seated herself in a golf cart and began talking to herself. Police arrived a few minutes later.

Mitchell, who has previous arrests for prostitution, reckless driving and drug possession, was booked into jail on two counts of indecent exposure and loitering-soliciting sex.

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Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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