May 19, 2011

Julianne McCrery - Mother Of Mystery Maine Boy - Confesses "I Killed My Son"

Boston, Mass (The Weekly Vice) - Julianne McCrery, a 42-year-old Texas woman, has been jailed after she allegedly confessed to murdering the six-year-old boy who was found dead on a rural Maine road last Saturday.

The little boy, now identified as Camden Pierce Hughes, was discovered by a local resident after someone dumped his dead body on the gravel portion of Dennett Road in South Berwick. A witness told investigators that she spotted a woman driving a blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck on Dennett Road on the day the boy's body was discovered.

McCrery was parked at a Chelmsford, Massachusetts rest stop Wednesday when State Troopers were alerted to her blue Toyota pickup by a cell-phoned tip.

When a female Trooper approached McCrery's vehicle and asked if she needed assistance, she responded: "I killed my son, I want to kill myself."

McCrery immediately confessed to being the mother of the dead boy found in Maine. She reportedly told them that she accidentally killed her son with a lethal dose of cough syrup. Medical examiners, however, have ruled the death a homicide and have concluded that the boy died of asphyxiation.

McCrery's ex-boyfriend, Robert Miller released a statement insisting that McCrery would never intentionally hurt her son.

"She loved him dearly," Miller said. "He was a very nice little boy. He was real smart."

Texas resident, Christian von Atzigen, told investigators that he recognized the boy as McCrery's son from the news coverage. Atzigen stated that McCrery and his wife have been close friends since they met in school

"Julie's a good person. If you would ever ask me if she would harm a hair on that precious little boy's head, I would say never," said Atzigen. "She loves that boy."

Von Atzigen said that Camden was a happy boy, and that he never heard McCrery raise her voice to him. He went on to say that he didn't know why McCrery was in Maine.

"My wife talked to her a couple of days ago and everything seemed OK," he said. "There was no mention of her going anywhere."

For now, McCrery remains in the custody of Massachusetts State Police where she faces a charge of being a fugitive from justice in connection to a murder charge. She is then expected to be extradited to New Hampshire where she has already been charged with second-degree murder.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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