May 03, 2011

Jeremiah Lovato - Sentenced To 119 Years In Prison After Repeatedly Beating Son With Lumber, Stomping On Testicles

Colorado Springs, CO (The Weekly Vice) - Jeremiah Lovato, a 39-year-old Colorado Springs man has been sentenced to 119 years in jail after he brutally beat his adoptive son with lumber and stomped on his testicles to immobilize him.

According to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, Lovato was arrested in January, 2010 after the boy hopped a fence and scrambled to safety, following nearly two years of repeated abuse.

Investigators say Lovato began abusing the boy in 2008 - shortly after the adoption process was completed.

An investigation revealed that Lovato routinely beat the boy with a variety of items, including belts, lumber, boards and a meat tenderizer. In at least one incident, Lovato repeatedly stomped the 15-year-old boy's testicles when he tried to curl up and deflect the blows.

Lovato reportedly avoided scrutiny for the abuse by claiming that he was home-schooling the boy. When the boy did attend school, police were called when he arrived at school with a black eye.

After the boy fled the home, he was hospitalized for multiple injuries that included green colored bruises from the his buttocks up to his shoulders, dark bruises on his face, an arm that had been broken without treatment and wounds on his buttocks that appeared to be halfway healed before they were re-opened with additional beatings.

Photographs were provided to the jury that showed the teen's infected wounds. The Judge in the case declared that it was one of the worst cases of child abuse he had ever seen.

Lovato was initially arrested on charges of first-degree assault, second-degree assault, felony child abuse and menacing. He was freed after posting a $150,000 bond, but was re-arrested when he was caught following his son's school bus.

Lovato was convicted in February on 18 counts of abuse. On Monday, Lavoto was sentenced to 119 1/2 years to life in prison.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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