May 18, 2011

Father/Daughter Incest Story - That Even Jerry Springer Refused To Show

Stamford, CT (The Weekly Vice) - A father and his daughter shocked the nation when they went on stage at the Steve Wilkos Show and announced that they were involved in a sexual relationship.

Morgan and Brittany were originally booked to appear on the Jerry Springer Show, but as producers obtained more information about the story, they ultimately decided not to air it, stating that it was all just a bit "to real" for their standards.

The story was passed to Steve Wilkos, who agreed to air a two-segment show about the relationship.

Morgan and his 18-year-old daughter Brittany stated that her family had kept them apart for 9 years before they had reunited through MySpace when she was 16. Brittany stated that she sought her father out and found him on MySpace. She then suspected that her father was romantically interested in her after he began commenting on photographs that she had posted of her breasts and bottom.

During "part two" of the show, Brittany revealed that she may have become pregnant with her father's baby. When Steve pointed out that the child may have birth defects, she stated that there was no scientific proof that the baby would come out "all weird". She admitted that she was not using a method of birth control because she wanted to have "seven kids". She took a pregnancy test and luckily, it was negative.

On the same show, she asked Wilkos to put her father through a lie detector test to prove he wasn't cheating on her. He failed the test.

Wilkos offered Brittany therapeutic sessions for her life-long trauma and gave her an opportunity to leave her father. She declined the offer. Morgan stated that the relationship was consensual, therefor, it couldn't be considered abuse. He also stated that he considered his daughter his "soul mate."

One may wonder if this story is real, but Wilkos stated that the couple provided "proof" of their kinship and reportedly made a video of their sexual encounters.

Whichever way you take this story. One has the pressing need to shower after hearing it.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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