May 17, 2011

Danielle Mailloux Began Stabbing, And Stabbed Some More - Charged With Repeatedly Stabbing Infant With Kitchen Knife

Bakersfield, Calif (The Weekly Vice) - Danielle Mailloux, a 24-year-old California woman was jailed Sunday after she allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife and began repeatedly stabbing her 6-week-old baby with it.

According to Bakersfield police, officers were dispatched after receiving a call from a distraught father who returned home to find his infant child covered with stab wounds.

A neighbor, Leo Rodriguez, told police that he was passing the couple's home Sunday evening when he heard lots of yelling from inside the house.

"This lady just kept yelling, and about two minutes later I saw cops all over the place and an ambulance," said Rodriguez.

The infant was reportedly transported to Children's Hospital Central California in Madera, and is expected to survive.

According to Police, Mailloux was reportedly investigated in 2009 when she delivered a still-born baby who tested positive for methamphetamine.

Bakersfield police investigated the case, however the prosecutor's office decided against prosecuting the case stating that the circumstances did not meet the legal definition of murder of a fetus.

Mailloux now faces a charge of attempted murder. Her bail has been set at $675,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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