May 02, 2011

Chrissandra Brewster Gave The Kids A Little Sex-Ed

Port St. Lucie, FL (The Weekly Vice) - Chrissandra Brewster, a 29-year-old Florida woman was jailed after she allegedly performed a sex act on a 6-year-old girl while a 3-year-old boy video-recorded it.

According to Port St. Lucie Police, an investigation was launched when Brewster's boyfriend reportedly found a lewd video on his computer that showed Brewster performing a sex act on a young girl.

Investigators say the man told them he had been in a relationship with Brewster for about two months.

About a month ago, according to the man, Brewster used her cell phone at his home as a modem for his computer. He explained that the woman's cell phone would sync files to his computer when it was used as a modem.

He stated that he was working on a photo album Saturday when he came across a cell phone video that had been downloaded to his computer. The video allegedly showed a naked Brewster performing oral sex on a six-year-old girl while a 3-year-old boy used Brewster's cell phone to video record the assault.

Brewster reportedly told police that she performed oral sex on the girl because the girl asked her what oral sex feels like. She stated that she performed the service as "an educational act," according to the arrest report.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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