May 16, 2011

China Arnold - Found Guilty Of Cooking Her Baby To Death In Microwave

Dayton, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - China Arnold, a 31-year-old Ohio woman who cooked her baby to death in a microwave, has been found guilty of aggravated murder.

According to court records, Paris Talley was just 28-days old when her mother placed her inside a microwave and cooked her to death.

Prosecutors say Arnold had been arguing with her boyfriend in August, 2005 when she wrapped the infant in a blanket, placed her in a microwave, turned the microwave on and then went outside.

Arnold was initially arrested in August, 2005 after she brought the dead infant to the hospital. Coroners determined that the child had succumb to high-heat internal injuries.

Experts believe the child was likely in the microwave for more than two minutes, causing the infant's temperature to reach 107 to 108 degrees - essentially cooking her.

Arnold was released when authorities were unable to gather sufficient evidence to continue holding her. She was arrested again in November, 2006 - more than a year after the investigation first began.

The case eventually went to trial three times. The first trial ended in mistrial when a new witness surfaced.

She was found guilty at her second trial and sentenced to life in prison, however the conviction was overturned when an appeals court ruled misconduct on the part of prosecutors.

At the third trial, Arnold's boyfriend Terrell Talley, testified that Arnold admitted to killing her baby and then told him that the baby would still be alive if he hadn't been unfaithful to her.

Arnold told investigators early on that she was intoxicated at the time, although Talley testified that she wasn't too drunk to not know what she was doing.

Defense attorney's argued that the evidence pointed as much to Talley, the child's father, as it did Arnold. In the end, the jury reached the same conclusion that a previous jury reached during the second trial.

On Friday, May 13th, Arnold was found guilty of aggravated murder. The case now moves to its sentencing phase where she faces the death penalty or life in prison.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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