May 31, 2011

Carmen Montenegro Went For Sunday Stroll - With A Man's Body Parts In Tow

Ontario, CA (The Weekly Vice) - Carmen Montenegro, a 51-year-old California woman was charged with murder Sunday after she was allegedly spotted pushing a trash can down the street with a man's body parts inside.

According to police, an investigation has been launched after witnesses saw Montenegro pushing a trash can along a sidewalk that contained the body parts of an unidentified man.

Montenegro was taken into custody shortly after police arrived and discovered the contents of the trash can.

Police have not yet identified the man, or listed which body parts were present inside the trash can. They are, however, looking into the whereabouts of Montenegro's former boyfriend who hasn't been seen since May 1st and was reported missing shortly after his disappearance.

Investigators searched Montenegro's home, about 200 yards from where she was seen pushing the can, and found a hole that had been dug in the back yard. Police believe body fluids are present in the hole, but haven't released a conclusive statement yet to that effect.

Neighbors began to call police at around 3 p.m. Sunday - after their attention was drawn to the woman because of the foul smell coming from the trash can.

Police plan to release the man's identity as soon as family members have been properly notified.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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