May 01, 2011

Brothel Patron Makes Hasty Getaway - But Not Fast Enough To Avoid The Cameras

Changchung, Jilin Province, China (The Weekly Vice) - An unnamed China man made a hasty getaway this week when Chinese authorities raided an illegal brothel in the city of Changchung.

As police burst through the brothel's front door, the alleged customer left his clothes behind, ran across a rooftop, shimmied down a rusty pipe, and fled down the alleyway. A few women dressed only a towel were also seen following him across the rooftop.

China's flourishing sex industry prompted Chinese officials to launch a nationwide crackdown on prostitution last summer. China's anti-prostitution laws have netted about 250,000 prostitution-related arrests annually in recent years.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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