May 15, 2011

Body Cavity Searches For Students - Catholic School's Senior Class Prank Creates Angst For Parents

Arlington Heights, Illinois (The Weekly Vice) - Each year, a senior prank of some kind inevitably makes it to The Weekly Vice, and this year is no exception.

This year's notable senior class prank had administrators at St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois fielding phone calls from angry parents for hours.

Officials say that a student or group of students managed to get their hands on stationary and envelopes that had been printed with the school's official 50th-anniversary letterhead.

Using the letterhead and envelopes, the students sent letters out to parents informing them that all students would be subject to mandatory body cavity searches before they would be admitted into the school's prom.

The letter justified the would-be policy by citing "issues in the past regarding illicit materials being brought into the prom banquet hall and post-prom cruise."

As unbelievable as the premise may be on the surface, St. Viator High School has become known for other relatively invasive policies like mandatory drug testing of its students. Invasive body pat downs by TSA officials at airports nationwide also lent some credibility to the possibility that the school would implement a similar policy.

While many parents recognized the letter as a prank, phones at the school began ringing immediately with voices of angry parents who were concerned with the idea of their son or daughter receiving a body cavity search.

The school, according to school president, Rev. Mick Egan, quashed the rumor by emailing parents - informing them that no such policy had been implemented and that the school had never had an issue with illicit materials at the school prom.

School officials are now looking for the person or persons responsible for stealing official school stationary and then using it to misinform parents.

No alleged suspects have yet been identified.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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