May 11, 2011

Batman aka Mark Williams - Found Dangling From Rooftop, Charged With Concealing "Dangerous" Weapons

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Petoskey, Mich (The Weekly Vice) - Mark Wayne Williams, a 31-year-old Michigan man was jailed Wednesday after police found him dangling from the rooftop of a hardware store with several concealed weapons inside his utility belt.

Officers were summoned to Meyer Ace Hardware store around 1 a.m. Wednesday to discover a man dressed in a batman costume hanging by his hands from the building's 30-foot west-facing wall.

Investigators say officers accessed the building's rooftop and pulled Williams back onto the roof where he was taken into custody. During a pat-down search, officers recovered several "dangerous" weapons which were concealed inside the utility belt he wore.

Listed in the arrest affidavit, William's reportedly possessed a can of Freeze Plus P, a weighted SAP, and a telescoping steel baton. All three items are typically sold by retailers as defense weapons.

Williams, who is listed in court records as a habitual offender, was arraigned Wednesday afternoon.

"I realize this is a serious offense. I honestly had no idea the items I was holding are illegal," Williams told the judge. "I did not intend to harm anyone with these items. I swear that."

"We've had contact with him in the past, where he's made himself up to look like that Crow character who is also a comic book character," said Public Safety Dir., John Calabrese.

Williams was booked into jail on three counts of carrying a concealed weapon, three counts of possessing a dangerous weapon, disturbing the peace and trespassing. The charges combined carry a possible fine of up to $30,000 and up to 30 years in prison.

He is due back in court for a pre-trial conference on May 23.

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