May 18, 2011

Ann Hernandez Needed Help Pruning Her Garden - Charged With Hiding Woman's Identity Inside Her Vagina

Ann Hernandez Jail Booking Report
Ann Hernandez MySpace (You really must see this, lol)
Photo Shows Her At Home Depot

Cape Coral, FL (The Weekly Vice) - Ann Marie Hernandez, a 46-year-old Florida woman was jailed after stealing a woman's identity and then hiding it inside her vagina.

According to the Lee County Sheriff's Office, investigators were notified last month when victim Jodi Sanders reported that someone had used her personal information to access her Sears account and establish several credit card accounts.

Investigators say Hernandez used Sanders' account to open an account at Home Depot. She then used that account to make several purchases.

Detectives obtained surveillance video from Home Depot and Sears that allegedly show Hernandez using the accounts to purchase various power tools.

When Hernandez was pulled over for an unrelated but similar case on April 29, investigators found several recently purchased power tools inside the vehicle. Those tools were later found to have been purchased from Home Depot using the fraudulent credit card.

After a female deputy was dispatched to the scene to perform a pat down search, Hernandez admitted to possessing a fraudulent driver's license and credit card inside her vagina.

She was booked into the Lee County Jail on four felony counts of fraud, four felony counts of grand larceny, two counts of possessing another person's ID, providing false identification to a credit card issuer, fraudulently obtaining property and possessing a counterfeit driver's license.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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