April 25, 2011

Teonna Monae Brown - Woman Who Attacked Transgender At McDonalds Had Prior Arrest At Same McDonalds

Teonna Brown Prior Arrest Report Pg 1
Teonna Brown Prior Arrest Report Pg 2

Baltimore, MD (The Weekly Vice) Police have now released the mugshot of the 18-year-old who was video-taped beating a transgender female along with a second 14-year-old female attacker at a Baltimore McDonalds.

Our report on the incident (with video) can be found here.

And now it's been reported that this was not the first time Ms. Brown was arrested for attacking someone at this McDonalds.

According to court records Teonna Monae Brown was charged with two counts of assault when she allegedly attacked 38-year-old Danielle Dower after she left the SAME McDonalds back in July.

In that case, Dower told investigators that she had just left the McDonalds with her two daughters when Brown allegedly approached her and shouted "Did you call me ugly?"

Although Dower insisted that she didn't, Brown allegedly persisted in badgering Dower until a shoving match ensued. That's when Brown reportedly struck the victim in the face and struck her with an umbrella.

At some point Brown's two friends jumped in and began attacking Dower's daughter, dragging her by the hair across the floor.

The case was later dropped - reportedly at the victim's request.

The Weekly Vice has linked to her Facebook pages twice now, however she keeps deleting her picture and then changing the last name on the Facebook page in an apparent attempt deflect attention until the story blows over.

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The Weekly Vice

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