April 11, 2011

Stephen Fratto Got Another Hair-Brained Idea - Jailed After Calling In Fake Police Report To Avoid DUI Charge

Orland Park, Illinois (The Weekly Vice) - Brian Elitzer, 25, and Stephen Fratto, 24, were jailed Sunday after they allegedly called 911 and reported an armed bar brawl in an attempt to distract police officers who had pulled them over for DUI.

According to the Cook County Police Department, the suspects had been pulled over at about 3 a.m on suspicion of driving under the influence. Elitzer was driving and Fratto (left) was the passenger.

Investigators say that during the stop, Fratto called 911 and reported that several men with guns were fighting outside of Zante's bar in Orland Park.

The dispatcher became suspicious, however, when she was able to hear a police officer over the man's cell phone. Officers determined that Fratto made the call in an attempt to distract the officer so they wouldn't get arrested.

Elitzer was booked into jail on charges of driving under the influence. Fratto was booked into jail and was charged with false reporting of an offense.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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