April 25, 2011

Shawn Batie - Half Naked Man With Scrunchie Wrapped Around Genitals Found Shouting In The Dark Near Cemetery

Lodi, CA (The Weekly Vice) - Shawn Batie, a 42-year-old California man was jailed Friday after police found him near a cemetery wearing nothing but a football jersey, a g-string and a hair scrunchie around his penis.

According to police, officers were dispatched on a report that a half-naked man holding a flashlight was yelling in the dark near a cemetery.

Police arrived to find Batie high on methamphetamine, wearing a Raiders jacket, a g-string, a pair of socks and a hair scrunchie around his genitals.

Baties appeared jittery to the officers and exhibited dilated pupils. When officers asked why he wasn't wearing any pants, he stated "Someone must have taken them."

Batie was reportedly uncooperative during his arrest and incarceration. While in his cell, he proceeded to smear his feces on the walls. When officers gave him toilet paper to clean the mess, he instead used it to clog the toilet in his cell. He was moved to a security cell following the incident.

"It's kind of humorous," stated police Lt. Steven Price. "What's going on with his life (where) you end up running around half naked in the night yelling at people that don't exist?"

Batie continues to be held after police found him to be a parolee at large. No bail has yet been announced in the case.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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