April 01, 2011

Richard Bloem Didn't Handle The Breakup Well - Sentenced After Urinating In Ex-Girlfriend's Food

Grand Rapids, Michigan (The Weekly Vice) - Richard Ted Bloem, a 46-year-old Saugatuck resident and home builder was jailed after he allegedly broke into an ex-girlfriend's home and urinated in her food and beverages.

According to Grand Rapids police, Bloem broke into his 32-year-old ex-girlfriend's apartment located in Grandville. He reportedly gained access by making a copy of the victim's key without her knowledge.

Investigators say after crying in several rooms of the victim's apartment, Bloem began tearing up her clothes. He then urinated in a bottle of 2009 Kendall-Jackson Riesling, a container of Land O' Lakes half-and-half creamer, and a a pitcher of Crystal Light .

Bloem was sentence to six months in the Kent County Jail following a no-contest plea to the charge of home invasion.

The judge in the case dismissed another charge of placing a harmful substance into food. That charge was dismissed because the court could not establish whether urine could be considered a "harmful substance."

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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