April 22, 2011

Reader Feedback

The Weekly Vice has reached a cross-roads of sorts and we'd like to get some feedback from our readers.

TWV has always known that the magic of our little site rests with our readers and commenters. A story is just a story until you bring it to life.

As such, I've been at a point of indecision in regards to reformatting the site so that it's more compatible with mobile phone devices.

I have a template set up that would automatically detect when you access the site with a mobile phone - and in that case your phone would launch a streamlined version of TWV that would be free of advertising and sidebar clutter.

You wouldn't need to download an app to your phone. The site would automatically recognize what device you were using to access TWV, and would load up the appropriate template for you.

So what's the problem?

The comment system we currently use (Intense Debate) is not very compatible with mobile phone devices. We would need to go back to our original commenting system, so that it properly loads on both computers and mobile phone devices.

Our old commenting system was fine, except it does not have many of the great features Intense Debate has - like threaded comments and comment rating.

I'd like some feedback from everyone as to which would be more beneficial to them. A better comment system or a site that would fit your mobile phone much better than the site currently does. Would you interact with other readers a little more often if you could do so easily from a mobile phone?

I'm going to keep this discussion on the front page for a few days so I can get a broad consensus of opinion before going one direction or the other.

Thank you so much for your feedback. =)

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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