April 12, 2011

Please Dad, NO! Don't Shoot The Sound System. Anything But That!

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Yuba County, CA (The Weekly Vice) - Stanislaw Jarmolowicz, a 53-year-old California man was jailed after he entered his son's bedroom with a shotgun and shot out a stereo speaker because his son wouldn't turn down his music.

According to the Yuma County Sheriff's Office, deputies were dispatched after Anthony Jarmolowicz called 911 and told the dispatcher that his father fired a shotgun at his stereo speaker.

Anthony told investors that his father was angry because he hadn't turned his music down enough. He stated that Stanislaw called his mother and complained about the music - and after speaking with his mother, he turned down his music. That's when Stanislaw reportedly entered his room and shot out the speaker.

Anthony Jarmolowicz, incidental, is a DJ and uses the sound system to record and master sound creations. You'll have an opportunity to hear the music that likely drove his father to the brink of madness in just a moment.

Stanislaw told deputies that he had asked his son several times to turn down his loud disco music or use a pair of headphones. When Anthony refused, he called his wife and asked her to have a word with him. When Anthony still refused to turn down the music, he became upset, asked the boy to stand aside, and put the matter to rest with a shotgun blast to the speaker.

He also told deputies that he was frustrated because he had been asking his son to move out for several months.

Stanislaw was booked into the Yuma County Jail on a charge of discharging a fire-arm inside a building or residence.

Yuma County Sheriffs sent the case to the prosecutor's office, however prosecutors decided to toss the case out since Stanislaw didn't intend to shoot a person and no one was injured.

So getting back to the sounds, which likely drove a father to end the life of his son's speaker.

Anthony Jarmolowicz has posted his sound creations on this website. Have a listen and let us know how you'd react after listening to them repetitively for months.

I'm not knocking the music. As a musician, I'm pretty familiar with the genre.

But I know how much a musician's work tends to grate on the nerves of our loved ones - since mixing and mastering sound requires hours of listening to the same loops of music over and over in an effort to get it just perfect.

Danny Vice
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