April 07, 2011

Naked Assclown Running Down 405 Freeway In Los Angeles Is All The Rage On Twitter

Los Angeles, Calif. (The Weekly Vice) - California commuters got a rude awakening Tuesday morning as several motorist encountered a naked man jogging down the 405 freeway in Los Angeles.

Hundreds of Twitter accounts lit up with images of the unidentified man's bare essentials as motorists captured photographs of him on their cell phones.

Photographs show the man jogging along the freeway's center-line wearing nothing except for a pair of black socks. Witnesses say he was attempting to speak with motorists as they passed.

"He looked upset and was reaching for something imaginary out in front of him as if he was trying to catch it," stated one witness.

Investigators say the man exited the freeway at Santa Monica Blvd and attacked a woman before California Highway Patrol finally caught up to him around 9 a.m...

A woman who identifies herself as Lenore claims she's the woman who was confronted by the streaker and posted the following statement on "LAWeekly Blogs" about the experience.

Him: Hey, can I get some money? I need to get clothes, I...
Me: I only have change (true), so... *offers some change hoping to get him to go away*
Him: No, no, I need like 10 bucks. Why not give me that nice book (a nice edition of The Dark Tower)? I can sell that for five bucks on eBay, easy.
Me: No, no you can't have my book. I need it. Go away.
Him: It's for a good cause!
Me: No. Please leave me alone.
Me: Look, I'll call the cops, and they can get you somewhere with clothes.
Him: Okay, okay.
Me: *starts to dial*
Him: WAIT! *lunges, grabs, fighting starts*

While we were fighting I was just screaming to get attention and he was going I NEED TO STOP THE CALL!

He was taken into custody on a charge of indecent exposure and is currently undergoing a 72-hour psychiatric hold while police contemplate forwarding the charge to prosecutors.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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